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Railway tickets

More and more people choose the train for leisure or business trips in Europe because of its speed, environmental friendliness and comfort.  In our offices you can buy train tickets to international destinations, including Helsinki ("Tolstoy" train and train "Allegro") and other cities in Finland and Europe.
Our company reserves train tickets, using different reservation systems: DeutscheBahn (train tickets to any European destinations with instant ticketing), ACP (UK), UFS (train tickets across Russia). This allows to see a wide selection of available tickets in the system and the best tariffs for railway transportation.

Trains "Allegro" and "Lev Tolstoy":


Train "Tolstoy"

The Russian night train Tolstoi departs from Helsinki in the evening and arrives in Moscow in the morning. The train has comfortable sleeping cars. Tolstoi departs from Moscow to Helsinki in the evening and arrives in Helsinki before noon.

Train "Allegro"

The Allegro takes you conveniently from city centre to city centre.
Border formalities are conducted onboard during the journey.
The duration of the train trip between St. Petersburg and Helsinki will be three and a half hours.
The trains Allegro also has a restaurant, currency exchange point and a children's room.
Departure time: from St. Petersburg to Helsinki at 6.40 and 15.25, from Helsinki to St. Petersburg at 10.00 and 15.00